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How do you feel about facing the unknown? 
Greetings everyone! I wrote this post for the members of my Happiness Club last year, enjoy.... 
This afternoon I am speaking at a conference in Liverpool. Well, actually I'm on a Q&A panel. I have literally no idea what to expect, I can't prepare anything because I have no idea what questions will be asked. I have no clue as to what the other panelists’ views are on life, the universe and everything and I have no idea who will be attending. 
I'm excited. Years ago I would have been petrified, being put on the spot and having to come up with an answer would have sent me into nervous, fearful spasms. I would have run a million miles from it. Today I'm excited to find out what happens, I'm looking forward to seeing what other people say and to telling them my truth. 
Does the 'unknown factor' stop you from doing things? If you're unsure exactly what might happen do you shy away from trying something? 
Can I tell you a secret? Everything is unknown until it happens. Everything. 
There are things you can plan for, there are things you are used to doing so often that there is an expectation of what will happen but actually everything is unknown until it happens. 
How great is that? You face the unknown countless times every single day and you survive. Ace. 
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