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Help yourself & your children learn how to relax and be happy with my store of Happiness Products 


Glad To Be Dan. (Cost: £8.00) 

Dan doesn't feel very happy. 
In fact he's feeling sad. 
His mum's on hand to help him out. 
But can she help Dan feel glad? 
Dan is having a bad week. He's feeling sad, anxious and worried. His mum has some great ideas to help him feel glad to be Dan again. But will they work? 
This charming story helps young children learn how to cope with different emotions. It also includes 5 mindfulness exercises that you can teach your children right away to start their own journey of happiness. 
Reviews for Glad To Be Dan: 
"Fantastic mindfulness techniques for kids..." 
"...until now I don't think anyone has addressed making mindfulness so easily accessible to children." 
"A great read, a real education." 
"Teaches both children and parents invaluable techniques to be happy and cope with life's ups and downs." 

Get Happy! (Cost: £10.00) 

This book is a compilation of the daily posts from The Happiness Club so each page contains a tool, technique or strategy for you to use. You can read one page a day, you can read it from cover to cover or you can pick it up and flick through at random. A must read for anyone looking to increase happiness in their life! 
Reviews for Get Happy! 
"The kind, funny and touching relfections in this book teach us how to bend joys towards us." 
"Follow the book and you'll learn to practice appreciation, generosity, acceptance and else can we be happy?" 
"Jo enabled me to stop and discover the happiness I'd been missing, along the way. It's a book I shall be revisiting on a regular basis." 

 Relax & Be Happy. (Cost £8.00) 

This audio can be purchased as a download or sent as a CD. It is a collection of exercises and visualisations to listen to that will help you learn how to stay calm, relaxed and happy. As it includes hypnotherapy techniques it should not be listened to in the car whilst driving. 
Tracks included are: 
Relaxation visualisation to help you relax 
Mini meditation to help you learn how to meditate 
Breathing exercise to help calm your system 
Daybreak visualisation to help you allow happiness in 
Negative energy release to help you shake off negativity 
White light visualisation to help you feel at peace 
Colours visualisation to help you to be more open 
Reviews for Relax & Be Happy: 
"I haven't felt this relaxed for years." 
"The breathing exercise is so simple and effective, I use it all the time." 
"It's so lovely to find a way to simply release that negative energy, thank you." 
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