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Ever have those days where you feel out of control? 

Days where you can't seem to keep a grasp on what needs to be done?  
Where you know how you want to respond but you can't quite manage it? 
Do you find yourself feeling frustrated or stuck or anxious about the whole thing? 
Then you've come to the right place. Take a deep breath and relax because The Happiness Club will help you. 
The Happiness Club is a monthly membership club that helps you look after your mental wellbeing. 
Finding your happiness is easier than you think. Scroll down to find out more. 

For £15 a month (just 50p a day) you will get: 

A daily thought to help you frame life positively 
Tools & techniques you can use straight away 
A FREE monthly webinar on the theme of the month 
Direct access to me any time you need it 
A downloadable monthly worksheet 
Access to recordings of past monthly webinars for help whenever you need it 
Access to the members only Facebook group where we support & motivate each other 

What the members say 

“I would gladly recommend Jo to anyone who is feeling anxious or stressed about issues in their lives, she will help you turn your life around and see things in a more positive light.” 
“Jo posts little ‘gems of wisdom’ in the Club which are really helpful and make you think about life differently especially if you have a really stressful time coming up. Jo puts life back into perspective.” 
“I see myself as a mostly positive, happy person anyway, but having regular doses of Jo's wisdom really puts a smile on my face, helps me deal with the stressful stuff and see the good in others. A big friendly kick up the bum in the loveliest, most positive way! 
If everyone was a member of this club, the world would be a much happier place.” 

How can it help you?  YOU CAN be calm YOU CAN think more positively YOU CAN build UP YOUR self confidence YOU CAN learn how to relax YOU CAN build compassion YOU CAN manage stress YOU CAN release anxiety YOU CAN build your resilience YOU CAN BE HAPPY!  Click here to sign up now!