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So who am I? 

I am a mummy and a wife. I am a bestselling author and an inspirational speaker. I am happy. I am an uplifter, an inspirer, a helper and the founder of The Happiness Club. I am the sum total of everything that has ever happened to me, good and bad. I am immensely grateful for all of those experiences because without them I would not be where I am today and I love where I am today. 
But my life hasn't always been this good and I've had help along the way. Invaluable help from people who have taught me and trained me in the tools and techniques that I use every day. Personal development is something that we need to work on every day if we want to grow in ourselves and our lives.  
For many years I experienced high levels of stress and anxiety, in my working life and in my personal life. I lacked self-belief, I lacked confidence and I felt like a fraud. I couldn't understand why anyone would like me because I simply didn't like myself. 
Thankfully those days are behind me now and all because I made the commitment to myself to take care of me. And now I help other people learn how to take care of them. Ace. 
This is my 200 word bio: 
1972. Born Taunton. 5 years old, parents split. Cried. New stepdad with alcohol problem. He's not good for my mum. Lots of crying. And leaving. And coming back. And crying. And leaving. Anxious. Spent all my time buried in books. Safer. Loved school. All girls. Happiness. Good friends. Scared of own shadow. Definitely scared of boys. Felt like a fraud. Boyfriends. Bad choices. Infidelity. Them, not me. Started smoking. University. Moved to Liverpool. Awesome place. Awesome friends. Happiness. 23, abusive relationship. Anxious. 25, biological dad, heart attack, dead, my lovely dad. World upside down. Relationship ended when partner raped me. Hmmmmm, what now? Counselling. Hypnotherapy. Freedom! Positive changes. Positive choices. New boyfriend. Alcoholic. Repeating patterns from childhood. More therapy. Proper job. Event Manager. Stressed. Anxious. 30, met my Trev. Knew he was mine and I was his. Knew we were a family. Love love love. Married. Best day ever. Stopped smoking. Got pregnant. So much food! Yum! Had first daughter. Love love love. Gave up job. Had second daughter. Love love love. How is it possible for there to be so much love? Struggled a bit, shouted a lot. More therapy. Did hypnotherapy training. Found Mindfulness. Started my company. Joined Bizmums. Found the Law of Attraction. Started The Happiness Club. Always growing, always developing, hope I always will be. 


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