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It's absolutely 100% your life. 
I spoke at an event recently. One of the messages that I delivered was about taking responsibility for your own life. The more I journey through life, the more I realise that most people don’t actually know that they are in control of their own lives. Actually even if they realise that they can be, a lot of people don’t feel like they are. For me, the absolutely first step for happiness for a happy life, is to have that realisation, to have that knowledge that you are responsible for your own life; that it is your life, it’s absolutely 100% your life. 
I know this is obvious stuff but your life doesn’t belong to anyone else, it belongs to you so if it belongs to you, why aren’t you in control of it? If it belongs to you, why are you letting other people dictate what happens in it? Why are you letting situations affect your views on it? Why are you not taking responsibility for it? 
For me this encompasses life, business, the universe, absolutely everything. Do you realise, as a person, that you are in charge of your own life? Do you realise that you have that power and you have that ability to be in charge of your own life. Is that something that you have ever actually thought about or do you just drift though the world, taking whatever gets thrown at you, instead of actually being in charge of what gets thrown at you? Do you take control of your own life, because I don’t think most people do and I find that quite scary. I find it quite scary that most people don’t know they can, and even those that realise they can, don’t do it. Why wouldn’t you? 
Do you put everybody else above yourself? 
And if so, why don’t you put yourself first? I’m not talking about doing exactly what you want to do all the time because that would be potentially harmful to your relationships. It’s when you put others first all the time and it is when you do that, to the extent where you don’t feel like you are in control of your own life, that it becomes a problem. 
Will you admit that you don’t feel as though you are in charge of your own life? 
How many of those do you have? Lives? 
If this is your only one, your only shot at life, then why are you not in charge of what’s happening in it? 
Why are you not committing to yourself? 
What could you do today to put yourself back in charge of it? 
The only reason that you don’t commit to yourself is because you don’t believe you are worth it. You don’t believe you deserve it, you don’t believe you are good enough. Is that resonating? 
Imagine it’s your hundredth birthday and you are sitting in the middle of a garden party about your hundredth birthday and what are the people at that party saying about you and how are you feeling about the life that you have just lived? And it is that isn't it? It is that. Because who wants to get to 100 and look back and think, “What a bag of rubbish!” Seriously though! You don’t, do you? 
And what I am trying to do is enthuse you with this idea. So just go out today and do something for yourself. Do something for your life. Do something to take control of your life because it is your life. It is your life. It’s absolutely yours. 
I absolutely 100% never thought that I was good enough or worthy of being happy or having a good life. It just wasn’t for me, I didn’t deserve it. And when you start being selfish and selfish has this massive negative connotation and actually I don’t think it is a negative thing at all. You start looking after you and taking care of you and doing what you want and how you want and realising that this is your life and you chart your progress. You get to decide where you are going and how you are going to get there. Once you start doing that, it benefits everybody around you hugely. It totally benefits everybody around you. It has had such a massive knock-on effect in my life, for my children, for my husband, for my friends, for my family. 
My message for today: take control of your life. It’s yours. It’s absolutely yours. It isn’t anyone else’s. It’s not anyone else’s. No one else can do it for you. Stop expecting other people to do it for you. 
Stop hoping someone will come and save you. Do you know what? I spent most of my life waiting for someone to come and save me. That was one of my massive revelations. Only about five years ago, I phoned my sister and I said, “Oh my god, I am waiting for someone to come and save me. And it’s me! It has to be me. I am the only person that can save me.” And you are the only person that can save you and you are the only person that can live your life. 
So go out and blooming well live it and take control back. 
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