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Little goals or big goals, they can all be scary. But here's how to overcome the fear and achieve them.  
It’s getting to the end of the year. No two ways about it. Christmas is coming. And when we get towards the end of the year, if you’re self-employed like me, you start thinking about your goals for next year – what you’d like to achieve. 
Also there are very beautiful people who set goals for their life. I set goals for my life. 
As human beings we have a penchant to set big goals for ourselves and I’m a big advocate of that. I think it’s a good thing to do. 
Don’t hold yourself back, don’t restrain yourself, and don’t restrict yourself. 
Go for it. Set a goal. 
Crikey, I talk all the time about how we’ve got one chance at this. We’ve got one life. You’ve only got so much time on this planet, so make the absolute most of it. 
So if you’re going to set a goal, go BIG! 
But what we do is we set that big goal or several big goals and then we look at them and we go, “Aaaarghhhh! How on earth am I ever going to achieve that? How on earth is that ever going to happen?” 
We instantly scare ourselves with the big goals that we’d love to achieve, that we want to have, that we want to do. 
But almost as soon as we have set them we scare the bejesus out of ourselves with them, which obviously doesn’t really help in the achieving of them. Because if you’re scared of something you tend to shy away from it. You procrastinate endlessly about doing it. You back away from it, don’t you? 
And again, I’m a big advocate of going towards the things you’re scared of, because actually the fear is very often worse than actually doing the thing. 
So whether it’s a goal or whether it’s just something that you come up against in life - if it scares you, I say walk towards it. Go through it and come out the other side. I bet you a hundred pounds it’s nowhere near as bad as you imagine it will be. 
Sometimes we stop ourselves from setting big goals and I would say, please don’t stop yourself – GO FOR IT! 
Sometimes as soon as we set big goals, we’re scared witless of them. They seem so unachievable and so enormous. 
We procrastinate about doing them, getting them, having them. We spend our lives wishing we had them, or wishing we could do it, or wishing we were closer to them. 
Whereas actually there’s a really simple process that you can follow. 
It’s all about taking a big goal and chunking it right down. So that what you look at every day is a small step, a weeny little step. Then all you have to think about that day is doing that weeny little step. And then the next day you do the next weeny little step. And the next day you do the next weeny little step. 
I think you’re getting the picture. 
Before you know it, you’re actually starting to achieve the big goal. You’re getting yourself closer and closer and closer to it. 
The other thing which is something I talk a lot about as well, is that when we set big goals, we want them NOW, don’t we? 
We want them instantly. We think, “Ooh okay, I’d like to do that. I’d like to achieve that and I want it now.” We want it to appear (or we think we want it to appear) in our experience immediately, as soon as possible, and right now. 
However, with anything, there is a process. 
How boring would it be if that big enormous goal just appeared? What would you do then? You would go on to another big enormous goal probably. 
But the joy and the enjoyment is in the experience. It’s in the learning. It’s in the moving forward. It’s in knowing that you’re moving forward. It’s in knowing that you’re creating something for yourself. It’s in experiencing every step of the way. 
Little steps help a lot with anxiety. 
Don’t overwhelm yourself. I’m not saying don’t set a big goal. Absolutely set a big goal. But then don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by that big goal. 
Really it’s just a process of chunking it down. Taking the big goal and working out exactly what needs to happen in order for you to achieve it. And chunking that down again and chunking that down again until you have a series of small steps. Then you just take the small steps every day and before you know it you’re on your way to the goal, if not already achieving the goal. 
I want to just reassure you that it’s okay to make big goals. Don’t be scared of them. Because we’re here to explore, expand, develop and grow. We do that by setting goals and working towards them. 
Little goals are good. 
Big goals are good. 
Don’t let the thought of something being enormous stop you from going for it and stop you from moving towards it. 
I’ve got enormous goals for my business and my life. When I think about them they excite me. I get excited because I know I’m following a process to get there and I know if I follow that process I CAN get there and I WILL get there. 
So don’t let fear stop you setting big goals. 
And when you set the big goals make sure that you chunk them down and put it into bite-sized pieces that you can achieve. Make sure that the first few bite-sized pieces are really, really easy to achieve. Because if you do that then you’ll spur yourself on. You’ll achieve it and you’ll go, “Ooh this is easy! Hurray!”. And what you’re looking at every day then is a series of little steps, instead of looking at this enormous goal, this enormous vision, this enormous thing, going, “Oh my god! I don’t know how I’m going to get there!” which is what our brains do. 
So there you go. 
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I am going to help you set the big goals, work out what they are for you, so that you can live the life you want to live. 
I keep saying this. Live the life that you want to live. 
Don’t look at your life and think, “I wish I was doing this.” Start living the life you want to live. You can do that today, absolutely, no shadow of a doubt. 
I’m going to help you set the goals and then I’m going to teach you how to chunk them down. That is the point of that workshop. 
So if you’d like to join me, please click here to check out the event and book tickets. I will happily teach it to you in person on the 27th of November in Wrexham. If you know anyone in Wrexham, Chester or anyone who doesn’t actually mind travelling, have a look at the workshop. If you’ve got any questions, click here to contact me, I’m very happy to chat to anyone any time. 
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