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Don't ignore how you feel, check in with yourself.... 
Happy day everyone, hope you're all well. 
I was late one weekend morning. My family are usually fairly lazy at the weekends so we got up late and then I cooked us all a bacon and pancake breakfast which we have just finished eating, yum. 
Halfway through cooking breakfast I felt quite anxious. 
I started feeling anxious and instinctively I tried to ignore it and carry on cooking. I tried to ignore it and burnt the pancakes. I tried to ignore it and forgot to put the kettle on. I tried to ignore it and was grumpy with my girls when they came into the kitchen playing. 
And then I caught myself trying to ignore it and realised that I needed to follow my own advice. So I turned towards it, I acknowledged it, I recognised where in my body I was feeling that anxiety. I asked myself what thoughts were going through my mind when I started feeling anxious. I paid attention to that feeling. 
And I realised that I felt anxious because I was late and I knew I was going to be late writing this page and getting on with my day. Being late is one of my stress triggers, even though ironically I am often late (still got some work to do there I guess!) 
The next time my girls came into the kitchen I gave them hugs and kisses. My lovely husband came in to help and I asked him for a hug too. My point is that by paying attention to the feeling, by recognising it and acknowledging its presence I was able to do something about it. Ignoring it simply made it worse, amplified it, changed my behaviour. 
So today have a go at simply acknowledging how you feel at any given moment, pay attention. 
Go, enjoy! 
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