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Are you waiting for people to accept you or reject you? 
Hello, how are you? 
Last week I emailed a contact to follow up on an enquiry about a workshop. 
Yesterday I received their reply. It showed up as a notification on my phone first. I was in a meeting so couldn't check the whole message immediately but the line that I could see was "Hi Jo, thanks for your email, I'm not....." 
My instinctive reaction was that the rest of that email would contain a negative response. I got that slight sinking feeling in my tummy and the "oh well, better luck next time" thought process. 
A couple of hours later, I got the chance to check the email properly and the full sentence read "Hi Jo, thanks for your email, I'm not in the office at the moment so will come back to you properly next week to set a date for the workshop." 
Not a negative response at all, in fact, the exact opposite. It gave me a jolt to realise that my assumption and expectation had been that the response would be negative. 
How often do you ask a question expecting a negative response? 
Are you waiting for people to reject you or accept you? Which do you believe they will do? 
Pay attention today to that gut feeling. Notice if you're expecting the good or the bad. Allow that realisation to come up to the surface and make a conscious effort to flip it around. 
The results may very well amaze you. 
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