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Facing the unknown scares us but what if I told you we face it every single day? 
This is the second blog in the series taken from my recently published book ‘Get Happy!’ Each blog consists of the page from the book and then a bit more explanation and background to the thinking behind it. Enjoy! 
When I wrote this I was about to go and speak at a conference, on a Q&A panel. 
“I have literally no idea what to expect. I can’t prepare anything because I am on a Q&A panel. I have no idea what questions will be asked. I have no clue as to what the other panellists’ views are on life, the universe and everything and I have no idea who will be attending the event. I am excited. Years ago I would have been petrified – being put on the spot and having to come up with an answer would have sent me into nervous fearful spasms. I would have run a million miles from it. Today I am excited to find out what happens. I am looking forward to seeing what other people say and to telling them my truth. Does the unknown factor stop you from doing things? If you are unsure exactly what might happen, do you shy away from trying something? Can I tell you a secret? Everything is unknown until it happens. Everything. There are things you can plan for. There are things you are used to doing so often that there is an expectation of what will happen but actually everything is unknown until it happens. How great is that? You face the unknown countless times every single day and you survive. Ace.” 
I chose this one to turn into a blog because, in my business, I’m going into unchartered territory at the moment. I am starting to learn a lot of new stuff about the way I do things, the business side of things, not necessarily the happiness side of things, and actually it can be quite scary to put yourself out there. It can be quite scary to do something in a different way and learn new stuff and take it all on board. It can make your brain go to mush sometimes. And I have referred back to this idea for myself a few times over the last couple of weeks. Because even when you do something familiar, even when you have done something a thousand times before and you have a vague idea or you really do know what to expect, the fact remains that every time you do something is a new time you do something. So even when you do something familiar, you are still putting yourselves into the unknown. You still have absolutely no idea what will actually happen when you do that thing or say that thing or try that thing. But we put so much weight on the unknown. We put so much weight on the fear that comes with something unknown. 
My daughter last night, bless her, my youngest daughter, wanted me to give her a cuddle in bed, which I did and then I said, “Right I’m going now,” and she said, “But Mummy, it’s dark and I don’t know what will happen in the dark.” And I said, “But look, sweetheart, you’re in your bed, you’re in your bedroom, you’re in your house which is exactly the same bed, exactly the same bedroom, exactly the same house as it is in the dark as when it’s light. It’s exactly the same, it just looks a bit different.” But she was nervous about going to sleep because she didn’t know what was going to happen because it all looked dark. 
I have used that reading several times over the last couple of weeks because I am going into the unknown with my business a bit and it’s a little bit ”woah” but it’s exciting at the same time – very, very exciting at the same time and I‘d prefer to focus on the excitement. I prefer to focus on the excitement than the fear because fear really isn’t a very nice thing to experience, is it? And excitement is. And actually knowing that I face the unknown every day helps. I’m leaving here in a moment, my home, and I am going down to my daughter’s school and I’m going to walk from my home to the school. I’ve done that thousands of times, millions of times probably. Actually that gives me a sense of security. It gives me a sense of security that I have done it before but actually I have no idea what will happen between now and the school, none whatsoever. I am still going into the unknown. I’m just reassuring myself because I’ve done it before. 
And we’ve all done things a million times before and we’ve all faced the unknown hundreds of times. We do it hundreds of times every day, but when we come up against something that is really the first time we have ever done it, we allow that fear to overtake us. But it doesn’t need to. It absolutely doesn’t need to. You have faced the unknown hundreds of times a day, every single day of your life and look at you. You’re here. You’re amazing. You’re awesome. You survived every single one of those times. How ace is that? 
So I hope that this blog helps you to readjust your thinking on facing the unknown, to realise that you have done it so many times before and you have always come out the other side. Whether the unknown thing takes two minutes or ten years, you have always come out the other side. 
You have always faced it. 
You have always survived. 
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