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Today I want to invite you to think about the way that you say things..... 
Today I want you to think about the way that you say things. 
My family was enjoying a family meal last Saturday and as we neared the end I said to the girls "hands up who wants to come and help mummy unpack our holiday stuff and tidy up?" My tone of voice was flat, I wasn't expecting them to come and help me, so I put no enthusiasm into my expression. They both shook their heads. I didn't blame them. I wasn't particularly looking forward to doing it myself. 
My husband then pointed out that I hadn't made the prospect sound very exciting or appealing, it didn't sound like an enjoyable job. 
So I tried again, I jollied my tone up, I made it sound like an adventure was about to be had, I put some enthusiasm into the words. My eldest daughter gave me the same response but my youngest daughter was genuinely more interested in helping me now. Simply by changing the way that I had said the exact same sentence I had convinced one little girl to join in. 
And do you know the best bit? My attitude to the job changed too, I found that I was actually feeling good at the prospect of tackling the suitcases. 
So today, before you say something, think about how you are going to say it, put some expression in there, give it some life and see what effect that has - on the people around you but also on yourself. 
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