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It's all about being persistent. 
Hello, how are you? 
I’ve been running my company for almost five and a half years now. When I started I could only work 2 days a week because my girls were tiny and they went to nursery on a Tuesday and a Thursday. So those were my work days. 
About a year later my eldest daughter, Francesca, started school. My youngest daughter, Gracie, was still at nursery for 2 days a week but I could squidge a bit more work in around them so my hours went up to about 3 days a week. 
Two years after that Gracie started school too. And all of a sudden I had 5 days a week in which to do my work. They weren’t full working days because I finished at 3:15 to pick them up from school but there were 5 of them. 
Last year I made the decision to do one full, official, office hours day every week and so I got a bit more time to do my thing. And as my girls grow, as they need me less, my time will grow even more. 
It has been a slow process at times. My company hasn’t grown as quickly as some around it have. But I do believe that I am now at the point, five and a half years on, where my persistence, patience and effort is paying off. 
Why am I sharing this? 
Because I want to tell you today – whatever you are facing, whatever mountain you are climbing, whatever you are going through - keep going, do not give up. You will get there, with persistence, patience and effort. 
I promise. 
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