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Have you ever sat down and worked out what happiness is for you? 
I am going to talk about happiness today because I talk about happiness all the time, but particularly today I want to know if you know what your happiness is. 
What does happiness mean to you? 
What is happiness for you? 
Have you ever sat down and worked out what happiness is for you or is it this sort of ethereal thing, this sort of aspiration of happiness? 
Or have you actually sat down and thought, “If I was happy what would my life look like? If I was happy how would I feel? If I was happy who would I be with? If I was happy what would I be doing? If I was happy what would I work at? If I was happy where would I live? How much money would I have? What would I drive?” 
Have you ever defined it for yourself? 
For me, happiness is my husband and my two daughters. They are absolutely top of the list. It’s me being with my husband and my two daughters. Happiness is me doing the work that I do because I properly love doing what I do. Part of my happiness definition is working in schools. Running workshops in businesses are part of my happiness. Writing stuff for my Happiness Club members is part of my happiness. Speaking at events is part of my happiness because all of those things fulfil and satisfy me and thus add to my happiness. So that is there on my definition of happiness. Writing is happiness for me so getting the opportunity to write whether it is about happiness or something else, that is part of my happiness. 
I know all of these things because I have sat down a while ago now. and worked out for myself what my happiness looks like; what I need to have in my life; what I need to be doing; the people I need around me, in order for my life to be a happy one. I have worked that out. I have taken the time to do it. 
Now a lot of the people that I know draw up goals and plans for their work, for their business life but I don’t know that many people that do it for their personal life and actually I heartily believe, as most of you know, that what we are all after, at the end of the day, what is at the end of that rainbow for every single one of us is happiness. 
A lot of people view happiness as a destination; personally I don’t. I think happiness is in every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day of every single week of your life. It is not a destination for me, but it is something that you can define. It is something that you should define for yourself. 
Define the things you already have in your life that make you happy and the things that you would like in your life that would make you happy. This is one of the exercises that I am going to be teaching on my Happiness Retreat which is happening on the 28th-29th of October this year at the beautiful Shrigley Hall in Cheshire. 
On the retreat you will get the chance to sit down and pay attention, to define this stuff for yourself. Honestly it is such an invaluable exercise to do, such a valuable exercise to do to pinpoint for yourself what makes you happy. To know what is already in your life that makes you happy. To know that, to have the knowledge instead of just walking past all this stuff with blinkers on every day, to pay attention to it now and to know what you want to get, what you still aspire to having in order to help you maintain that happiness. We have a vague idea of it but I want people to get a concrete picture: a firm, clear, lovely gorgeous picture in their heads of all the stuff that is happiness for them. 
What is happiness for me might not be happiness for you. It is entirely personal and I am going to help you, on my retreat, work out what it is for you. So come and join me on my retreat. 
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