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Can you think of anything that is more important than happiness? 
This week I am going to talk about something that popped into my head as a result of some interesting conversations that I have been having recently. And these conversations have been about what is most important in life. 
So my question for you in this blog is what’s more important than happiness? What IS more important than happiness? Now I think you all know what my answer to that question is going to be and I think actually consciously we’d all say the same thing. Nothing, right? Nothing is more important than being happy, absolutely not one single thing is more important than being happy and I think most people would consciously agree with that statement because it is what we all want. 
I do a lot of networking as most of you know, and when I go networking my introduction goes like this: “Hands up if you believe that being happy is important,” and pretty much everyone in the room, no matter how many people there are, will put their hands up because we all want to be happy. 
And then my next question is, “Hands up if you believe that being happy is the most important thing in life,” and most of the room will still put their hand up but honestly there is normally about two or three people that look at me and go, “Mmmm – I don’t know about that, Jo, I don’t know. There are more important things than happiness.” 
And it makes me smile every time because personally I don’t know what’s more important than happiness, I seriously don’t. 
We all have things that we think will make us happy; being rich, being healthy, losing weight, being more confident, being more successful, loads of things like that, that we think will make us happy. But whatever the thing is, the end goal, whether we call it that or not, the end goal is happiness. 
We want to feel happy so we go for the happiness. 
We go for more money because we think it will make us happy. 
We go for good relationships because we think it will make us happy. We go for a healthy lifestyle because we think it will make us happy. We go for losing weight because we think it will make us happy and so on. 
But honestly, that’s all chasing happiness. And we get distracted, on that chase for happiness, we get distracted and the thing becomes more important. So the money becomes more important. The relationship becomes more important. The health becomes more important. The weight loss becomes more important. The confidence becomes more important. We lose sight of what we were after in the first place, which is happiness. Now I believe very strongly - I can’t underline that enough – I believe very strongly that if you are happy the rest follows. If you focus on being happy with who you are then all of those other things will come to you if you want them. 
Next time I do this at a networking thing and someone doesn’t put their hand up when I say, “Hands up if you believe that being happy is the most important thing in life,” I am going to question them about what they think is the most important thing in life because I think if you are happy, then success, good health, money, abundance, whatever it is you want, it follows. It absolutely follows. 
The happiness has to be the starting point and then the rest of it comes. I would love someone to genuinely say to me, “This is more important than happiness, or that is more important than happiness,” because I don’t see what is. If you are happy, you are healthy, you are abundant, you are successful if those are the things that you want. You attract all of that to you. You can’t not. 
Happiness is every single step of the way. It’s not an end result. Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life. It is a way of life. 
Do whatever you need to do to get to that point of happiness, of contentment, of that inner peace, that peace of mind, that’s what happiness is for me – of knowing who you are, being all right with who you are, accepting who you are, being all right with where you are, accepting where you are so that you can move forward. But being all right with it now, being happy with it now and then the rest will follow. It can’t not. 
Be happy now to create more happiness. 
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