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Glad to be Dan A mindfulness book for children £8.00 via Amazon 

"Dan doesn't feel very happy.  
In fact he's feeling sad.  
His mum's on hand to help him out, 
but can she help Dan feel glad?" 
Dan is having a bad week. He's feeling sad, anxious and worried.  
His mum has some great ideas to help him feel glad to be Dan again.  
But will they work?  
This delightful and charming story includes mindfulness exercises to help young children learn how to cope with different emotions. It also includes 5 mindfulness exercises that you can teach your children right away to start their own journey of happiness. 
Customer Reviews 
"I am so lucky to have come across this book! I am a speech therapist working in the United States and am CONSTANTLY looking for social stories to help the children that I work with. I’ve had yet to find a story addressing anxiety until now! This book not only provides the children with a character who is very relatable to them, “Dan”, but also teaches various strategies a child can use to help them calm down. The book’s message is wonderful, the strategies are helpful, and the pictures do a great job depicting how Dan feels. I’ve lent this book out to other speech therapists that I work with, and they’ve found it to be very useful in treating their kiddos as well. If you work with a lot of children with anxiety, or if you have children of your own who deal with anxiety, I would highly recommend this book! You will not be disappointed!" ~M Copeland 
"Fantastic mindfulness techniques for kids..." 
"...until now I don't think anyone has addressed making mindfulness so easily accessible to children." 
"A great read, a real education." 
"Bought for a teacher, she was most impressed" ~ Mrs L Forshaw 
"Teaches both children and parents invaluable techniques to be happy and cope with life's ups and downs." 


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