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Relax and Be Happy! Audio CD or Download £8 via Paypal 

This audio is a collection of seven exercises and visualisations to listen to that will help you learn how to stay calm, relaxed and happy. As it includes hypnotherapy techniques it should not be listened to in the car whilst driving. 
Tracks included are: 
1. Relaxation visualisation to help you relax 
2. Mini meditation to help you learn how to meditate 
3. Breathing exercise to help calm your system 
4. Daybreak visualisation to help you allow happiness in 
5. Negative energy release to help you shake off negativity 
6. White light visualisation to help you feel at peace 
7. Colours visualisation to help you to be more open 
This audio can be purchased as a download or sent as a CD. 
Reviews for Relax & Be Happy 
"I haven't felt this relaxed for years." 
"The breathing exercise is so simple and effective, I use it all the time." 
"It's so lovely to find a way to simply release that negative energy, thank you." 
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