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Chances are if you're reading this then you're maybe feeling overwhelmed, stressed, lost and alone with your problems. 

You might not know who to turn to. 
In this busy world itʼs perfectly normal to feel like this. A good friend can listen and nod and say all the right things… but can they really give you advice and guidance? Can they really set you on the right path? 
The Love, Joy & Happiness Retreat is a collaboration between me, Andrea Detchon and Rebecca Lowrie. With over 20 years of experience with stress, overwhelm and guiding people to their true self, we realised recently that it was about time we got together and combined our superpowers. 
Individually weʼve been helping people like you for years - but now weʼre joining forces to make a big difference in the world! 
Our magical blend will bring happiness, joy and love to your life. Our energies, our love, our joy and our happiness could help to make huge changes in your life and help you become more successful, happy and complete. 
Andrea brings joy, laughter, yoga and her unique science of woo woo to give you a natural healing used the world over. 
Jo brings everyday happiness, practical mindfulness techniques and common sense activities to practise each day. 
Rebecca brings love with her heart-centred self leadership and shows you the tantric and magic skills that make life and business relationships sparkle. 
Weʼve all been on courses that promised the world and gave little. 
We know, we have too. But we know we can make a difference to your life and leave you feeling relaxed, energised and ready to live your life the way it was intended. 
Weʼre so excited to be able to make this happen for you… 
If you want to be calm, focused and successful then you need to practice some of the most ancient and proven techniques still used by many of the happy and successful people in the world. 
Over these 48 hours you will 
Learn methods and techniques for expanding your experiences of love, joy and happiness 
Clear habits, patterns and conditioning that hold you back 
Discover and experience the fullness of who you really are. 
Establish sustainable ways to cultivate even more love, joy and happiness than you knew possible. 
Hang out with a gorgeous bunch of like minded explorers
Rest, relax and reset your mind, body and soul 
A retreat to bring you back to yourself, to recognise the love, joy and happiness in you. 
The retreat runs from 10am Friday until 4pm on Saturday and your ticket to joy, happiness and love includes: 
*Your hotel room 
*Lunch and dinner on Friday 
*Breakfast and lunch on Saturday 
*Refreshments throughout the course 
*Facilitators fees 
Grab your early bird ticket at just £398 until Thursday 31st May 2018 (Full price £498). 
You deserve to live the life youʼve always wanted to. 
Let us show you how… 
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