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The Happiness Programme for Children 

Children who are resilient and fundamentally happy are better equipped to deal with the stresses of school life, exams and the pressure of attaining good grades. Children face an enormous amount of change during key developmental years, they have new emotions to deal with and new challenges on a daily basis.  
My 4 week Happiness Programme for Children teaches a range of techniques & strategies that help children face those challenges and deal with those emotions effectively. The programme uses mindfulness and other teachings as its basis.  
But don't just take my word for it: 
The happiness workshop taught us different techniques to calm us down and make us smile. Ebony 
I use the finger exercise when I can't sleep. Lucy 
We love the happiness jar and we have introduced in into our lunchtime cabin club. Olivia 
Everyone uses the techniques at home and in school. Lauren 
When I was having problems at home, I used the breathing exercises. It really helped. Mollie 
The exercises clear your mind of rubbish so it will really help us when we are doing our SATS. Lottie 
It really helped when Jo taught us to recognise our own feelings and to be thankful and glad for what we have. Eloise 
Jo is amazing. She is never sad and she has such a positive outlook on life. She is a great role model and she makes us happy. Her smile is contagious. Kaidee 
I'm glad that Jo made us happy and I think all children would benefit from these exercises. Alice 
Jo was a really nice person and she made me feel special. Jess 
I love her personality and she was easy to listen to as she has a very calm voice. Vicky 

Help them learn how to choose happiness… me 

“Children face an enormous amount of change during primary school. They have new emotions to deal with and new challenges each day. Jo teaches strategies that children can use for life. She gives practical steps to achieving a happier, calmer, positive outlook and our children absolutely loved her workshops and use her exercises daily. We are all glad she worked with us and we are happier for it. 
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