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Fed up of feeling stressed out? Of wondering if there’s more to life? Discover the easy way to happiness Bonus: It also leads to better work results, relationships and health 


Everyday’s the same.  
Battling to get everyone out the door on time. Fighting the morning traffic. Trying to contain the road rage. 
Internally screaming before you’ve even arrived at your work where your boss talks down to you, the customers are expecting a miracle, and some rogue colleague’s stolen your mug. 
Then there’s stressing about the kids homework, the house, dinner, bedtimes, a long list of jobs and chores to get through…And when you finally lie down at night? Sleep is nowhere to be found. 
Life no longer seems to be in your control. You know you should be grateful for what you have but you can’t help thinking that it could be less stressful and more enjoyable. Happiness seems hard to find. 
But it is much closer than you think. You just need the right tools to discover it. 


My name’s Jo Howarth and I run The Happiness Club. 
So it might surprise you to know there was a time when I allowed myself to get so stressed out that I completely lost it and raged at my boss in front of a client. Yes, I screamed at him. In public. 
That was before The Happiness Club. I had thought my life was going okay. But it wasn’t and deep down, I really wasn’t happy. 
But with some help, I did find that elusive happiness. I took back control of my life - my thoughts, feelings and behaviour (no more screaming at bosses!) and finally, I was comfortable with myself and my life. 
That might still seem like a mile away from where you are now. But I promise you, it’s not. It’s just no one has taught you where and how to find happiness. 


That’s why I started The Happiness Club a few years ago. I wanted to give people just like you the tools they needed to find happiness. Each day,you receive a message from me that will help you change the way you think and find happiness, regardless of what else might be going on in your life. 
The Happiness Club helps you to: 
Reduce your stress levels so you can work better 
Take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions so you can enjoy day-to-day life 
Feel more calm and positive so that your relationships at work and home improve 
See your life through a new lense so that you spend more of your day feeling happy and content 
Never find yourself in a situation where you’re about to lose it with someone! 
The Happiness Club is an affordable way for you to change your way of thinking and have a fresh lease on life. For less than the cost of your daily cup of tea or coffee, you get access to me whenever you need it as well as my daily message that reveals to you yet another way to find happiness. 
Join today for just £25 per month and start taking back control of your life. 






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Lizzie Burrill: 
It’s taken me a while to bring myself round to doing this because I’ve been struggling with how to get it down in words. But it’s time to talk about Jo Happiness-Howarth. 
We first met online, in a mentoring group we’re in together, and at that time I had absolutely no idea of the extraordinary impact she would have on my life. 
Fast forward a few months and I heard her speak at a personal development event. I was transfixed. Every word touched my soul. I came to this realisation that all of the anxiety and stress and lack of self belief in me was stemming from the unreal amount of shit from my past I was hauling around with me. 
At the lunch break, she hugged me. And I broke. I felt like I would never stop crying. And I knew that this incredible lady was going to save me, my family and my life from the self destructive cycle I’d grown accustomed to. 
That evening I texted her and asked for her help, and we set out to work together for the following 6 weeks. The 6 weeks that have truly transformed me. Freed me from the chains I was willingly dragging around with me. Released me from guilt. Shown me what I’m capable of. Removed anxiety from my life. 
Today we hugged again. And my tears were for an entirely different reason. 
Jo is not a hypnotherapist. She is a LIFE SAVER. Make no mistake about that. And I want to publicly thank her for saving mine. For helping me to be a better businesswoman, wife and Mummy. 
For giving me happiness. 
I truly love you to pieces. Whatever I paid could never be enough. Thank you... 
Mike Garner: 
I knew going to Jo was going to mean important change. But I felt ready. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve had issues with self-worth in the past and I thought I knew why. I was wrong. She pulled me apart carefully and put me back together. But better. 
She has a calm, serene air about her and she’s every bit that. What you see is what you get. But she’s also a tough cookie that knows what she’s doing. A consummate professional with a heart of gold. 
I don’t think even she will realise what she’s done for me. A magical time.  
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